What Our Customers Say

Invision Strategies

We're pretty proud of our work here, but why listen to us?  Here are just some of the highlights from what our clients are saying...

Invision Strategies has been instrumental in developing and evolving our customer pathway and in helping to accelerate the mind shift and change management needed to adopt our customer pathway within the organization, across functions. We have found the team at Invision Strategies to be collaborative, innovative and culturally astute as they work with our global teams with very strong cultures. Our success is in part due to Invision Strategies and their experience and skills as well as their personal investment for us to succeed in achieving our strategy.

Patty Mishic Chief Commercial Officer CoorsTek

Our organization has worked with Invision Strategies for years. Jill works directly with me to design and facilitate our strategic planning process. The result is an annual plan which helps us live into our purpose and achieve the results we need to be a top performing financial institution. We've grown three-fold. She challenges us, collaborates and aligns us through her expert facilitation skills.

Mark Grescovich President & CEO, Banner Bank

The Invision team has been an invaluable partner of ours for over 7 years now. They’ve helped us develop our sales team’s capabilities, working closely with us to define a tailored approach, and then develop the training and resources needed to execute it. Today, Tempur-Sealy has established ourselves as a thought leader in the bedding industry, and Invision Strategies has definitely helped us achieve and grow this position.

Jim O'Donnell EVP Sales Development, Tempur Sealy

Jill's team not only builds content specific to our company’s sales team, she has demonstrated the ability to relate to, and improve, each individual on the team. He training and insight also reaches across all of our customer groups; specifiers (architectural and consulting), owners, and contractors. After more than a decade of collaboration, she has become like "one of our own," and we spend time discussing growing our top line and driving more to our bottom line. Jill’s high energy and exceptional knowledge of our people, products and company culture drive us all to be better and to win. SOPREMA has nearly tripled in size over the seven years, and we place a high value on Invision Strategies' efforts to contribute to that growth.

Tim Kersey VP & GM at SOPREMA USA

We have worked with Invision Strategies since 2010. We selected them as our partner to help us re-invent our Sales Process and subsequently training our commercial bankers. The relationship we have developed with Invision Strategies has been outstanding. They have listened to us, they have collaborated with us, they have built content, and delivered training around that content in a high energy way. This journey to improve performance and evolve our Sales Culture would have been more difficult without Invision Strategies as our partner.

Kirk Quillin EVP Commercial Banking, Banner Bank

Over the past two years Invision Strategies has been an integral part of helping us to educate our commercial organization on the importance of customer engagement and what that looks like. Jill has done extensive training across the globe and for diverse cultures to enable us to execute on our customer pathway and use the tools and resources we’ve created to shift the company mindset. Jill and her team are knowledgeable, responsive, energetic and creative and a true pleasure to work with.

Nancy Fullerton Director, Marketing Communications CoorsTek

Invision has worked with Banner for years, beginning with documenting our sales objectives to creating a system wide culture compatible sales process that worked for us. In addition to the sales training for Commercial Banking Jill and her team facilitate our annual strategic planning process. Our organization has changed, our industry has changed, and our ideal client profile has changed as well. Jill’s training has changed with us pushing us to execute better on what works and try things she has seen work elsewhere; we train and the message is never stale. We continue to use Jill because she knows business as a CEO and as a salesperson. She brings knowledge about our industry, she deals in real world issues our people see every day yet she brings a forward thinking and broader perspective which has allowed (nudged) us to continually evolve and change when needed. In addition to the varied business background she brings tremendous energy, passion, humor, and insight into the room. Whether in strategic planning or sales training she will challenge you, support you, enlighten you, entertain, and encourage accountability to deliver on the plan developed. We view the Invision team as a partner in our planning and training based on our growth of our business and growth as an organization they have played a significant part in for the past ten years.

Jim Reed Banner Bank, EVP Commercial Banking