Our Team

Meet Jill Mason, Founder, Invision Strategies

“Clients often come to us because they’re living in a grey area: there’s a jumble of information going to the sales force and no one’s using it consistently – or at all. A team needs clarity and resources to take action. That’s what we do best: we take goals and turn them into tangible plans. Then, we execute every detail in a way that’s custom-tailored to a specific client’s needs and vision.”

If you’re not convinced Invision Strategies is the right match for your business needs, chances are you’ll be swayed after you talk to Jill. She knows how to win over a room with clear thinking. And, with years of experience leading sales and marketing teams, she also knows what motivates others: words only go so far, and she backs up her ideas and energy with action. Things get done when she’s around. Whether she’s leading small groups in engagement activities or motivating a room of 100+ on next steps towards a goal – change happens. Getting her kids to cooperate, however, is another matter entirely.

Team Members

Jen Grimes
Kim Gottfried
Christine Kellmurray
Bradley Copley
Julie Grippo Schuler
Michael Smilonich