About Us

Our solutions prepare your people for better client engagement.

From the way your customers experience your products and people, to the way your team learns and develops, to the programs you have in place to drive growth: Invision Strategies can prepare you and your people with the strategy, planning and training you need to stand apart in your marketplace.

Questions we can help you answer:

  • How do we enable our sales team to shine?
  • Our client base is changing – are we keeping up?
  • Are ALL of our solutions being utilized?
  • How do we negotiate from a place of strength?
  • Are we utilizing our metrics to drive the right behaviors?
  • Do we onboard people in ways that engage them – and keep them?
  • Is our training only an event – and not a way of life?
  • How do I develop my front-line sales managers so they can better drive our results?”
  • How do we get a strategic plan that we can align to?
  • How do we get more action around our strategic initiatives?

How we've helped others

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"We have worked with Invision Strategies since 2010.  We selected them as our partner to help us re-invent our Sales Process and subsequently training our commercial bankers. The relationship we have developed with Invision Strategies has been outstanding. They have listened to us, they have collaborated with us, they have built content, and delivered training around that content in a high energy way. This journey to improve performance and evolve our Sales Culture would have been more difficult without Invision Strategies as our partner."  Kirk Quillin, EVP Commercial Banking

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“The Invision team has been an invaluable partner of ours for over 7 years now. They’ve helped us develop our sales team’s capabilities, working closely with us to define a tailored approach, and then develop the training and resources needed to execute it. Today, Tempur-Sealy has established ourselves as a thought leader in the bedding industry, and Invision Strategies has definitely helped us achieve and grow this position.” Jim O'Donnell, EVP Sales Development 

Ceramics Component Manufacturer (Coming soon!)