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Invision Strategies is a leader in the client engagement game – helping businesses win with the right strategy, processes and people. From accelerating your sales and service efforts ... to developing client-focused channels ... to delivering high impact training: Our results speak for themselves – and they speak even louder for your organization. We focus on dynamic companies with aggressive growth plans, and help them move fast and furiously towards meeting their goals, helping their clients and developing their people.

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We realize that your culture and team have a huge impact on the outcomes you are striving to deliver. That's why we start at the heart of the matter, where the getting gets done: with your people. When we work to develop your tools or training, define your sales process, or coach your people, we have a dialogue with them to collect their best thinking and new ideas. This helps us not only customize your solutions to your specific needs and vision, but also understand the realities your team faces.

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Have you ever experienced challenges in the strategic alignment of your sales, marketing or customer service channels? Or wished you could rollout new products in a more targeted manner? The Invision Strategies team are experts at not only the sales and service culture but the marketing landscape – and can help you with these needs and more. Their team knows how to think on their feet, use their heads and their hearts to deliver what you need whether it's a strategy, tools, training, or a new process.

Sales Structure

defining your sales and service process

Does your sales force and service team follow a consistent path? Do different regions or areas work too independently when it comes to the customer or do they work as a team? Does your highly skilled team have a track to run on that is proven, documented and a common language used throughout your organization? Invison Strategies can create a consistent sales and service process that will help your team source new business, have great conversations, negotiate profitable proposals, follow through, plan and grow your existing customers. Our sales and service process will help your leaders follow through with their team in a way that's motivating, builds your brand and your business – and delivers on-going client engagement.

Smart Strategy

big picture thinking to drive your business

Having a sales process is only half the battle. Your organization also has to understand the big picture and have a passion for it: Where are you going? What should you focus on? What is the end game? A sales and service process is simply words on a page unless it comes backed by a solid sales and marketing strategy that ignites action. Invision Strategies can help you define your target market, prioritize your prospects and create a contact plan that delivers measurable results.

Development Tools

communicating consistency through the chain

Engaging clients and employees can be a complex endeavor. With both audiences you are trying to not only communicate a message, but also educate and create a long-lasting relationship. The tools you use can make all the difference. The team at Invision Strategies will work with you to create a host of tools you can use for a variety of learning styles and needs. From visuals that demonstrate how a new product audio recordings of your organization's key selling messages...from video on the sales an online or in-field tool kit -- Invision can make your message happen in ways your clients and employees remember.

Smart Strategy

putting all the pieces together

Once you know the "what" and the "who" – it's time to get to the "how." Executing a strategy across your entire team (including frontline employees and those who sell your products to your customers) doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Invision Strategies has created and delivered training for Fortune 500 companies and business start-ups in ways that maximize face-to-face time and utilize self-led training. We create the content and the delivery to ensure that your team owns and executes on this new knowledge and skill. From developing in-field training to coaching and expert delivery – we will build your training around you.

Management Playbook

step-by-step guide for planning, coaching and follow through

The culture of your leadership sets the stage for your entire organization. Invision Strategies helps you develop leaders and leadership skills that propel your organization into the future. Using coaching, managing and mentoring expertise, we “take the temperature” of your organization and its leaders and find the unique opportunities that you have to win. We then develop your management playbook -- a step-by-step guide to help your management teams energize their teams. This playbook will lay out the process for onboarding all levels of your sales team, share the tools and metrics needed to be successful, suggest a management and coaching protocol and propose the training needed to maximize your potential.

"Invision Strategies dynamic approach to sales management development training was rewarding – our sales management team was able to step back from the daily fires and in-trench activities filled with emotion and relationships, and to focus on what was really important – what attributes do I want from my team, what do I want to hold them accountable to, how do I communicate performance – the good and the challenging - how do I motivate my team based on the personality and DISC profile of each member, and perhaps most importantly, how do I win 'crucial conversations' that involve emotion, natural conflict and confrontation. Invision Strategies provided our team with the “toolbox” to lead and manage our business to focus on our priorities and win, rather than being consumed by emotion and noise that can be a distraction."
Dave Pamer, Executive Vice President - Sales, Kichler

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leadership, marketing, sales and service

Jill Mason-Miller, President and founded Invision Strategies in 1999 focused primarily on sales channel development and sales training. Jill formed her niche with clients endeavoring to create new ways to go to market and develop the people, processes and leadership to get them there. With great ideas and a lot of hard work, Jill's clients were wildly successful.

Today, Invision Strategies clients span the spectrum from entrepreneurial enterprises to large, well-known national corporations across many industries. The company has incorporated more experts to the team that continue to address the changing needs in sales, customer service, leadership and marketing. Our services and solutions are built from a diverse base of professional and educational expertise in sales, customer service, call center management, marketing, psychology, database management and lead generation. Industry experience includes banking, financial services, retail sales, manufacturing, software, furniture, home decor, automotive and real estate, just to name a few.

We have "heart share" and that sets us apart. We are as committed to your company as we are to our own and we offer the advantage of a clear, objective, outside view of your situation. Armed with that information, we develop custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific situations and most importantly - your future vision.


Accelerate your sales efforts


Effective leadership is examined leadership


Real-world experience and education

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Winning over the competition

Tools and Resources

Maximizing opportunities for relationships

People Development

Programs for dynamic results

"Our partnership with Invision Strategies has proven to be both seamless and successful in the creation and delivery of custom content related to sales and sales management. Our employees' skill level, confidence and results have greatly improved not only from classroom instruction, but also from ongoing webinars, communications, marketing tool kits and sales communications. Invision's experience and insight into our industry is impressive; it is very apparent that they have stood in our shoes."
Keith Hergesheimer
Senior Vice President, Banner Bank
"Being an entrepreneur herself, Jill relates very well to senior and executive management teams. She thinks strategically and outside of the box to help executive managers push themselves. Her executive presence and confidence allows her to continually challenge the status quo within our company, helping everyone work collaboratively towards a singular goal."
Tim Burke
Regional CEO, FirstMerit Bank
"Invision's advice on how to manage our sales efforts has proved invaluable as we build our business development team, marketing plan and establish our sales management protocols. Recently Invision helped us create and manage a touch plan with our prospects, influencers and customers. The goal was to proactively engage with our market in a meaningful way and increase our exposure – and it's paid off. Our sales last year were up over 30% and our pipeline doubled -- resulting in much better margins."
Don Taylor
CEO, Welty
"I have been through many one-size-fits-all training programs. This is not what you get when you are building your training with Jill and her team. They had a very thoughtful approach to helping our team build a Customer Engagement Process after learning about our company and working with our team to put together a tailored program for our business. The end result is specific, tactical, effective and, most importantly, she made it fun for the entire team. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Invision Strategies."
Laura Brocklehurst
Human Resources Manager, Soprema
"Jill and her team have provided the expertise and oversight needed to get our sales development process in high gear. Strategic planning, DiSC profiling, in-field training guides, and video training have all strengthened our foundation. Her insight, field experience and hands-on approach provided the real world credibility needed to drive change and growth in our organization. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Invision Strategies for ANY sales development program in ANY industry."
John Graber
Manager - Sales, Purchasing/Inventory, Marketing & Supplier Relations, WESCO
"Our experience working with Jill and her team was outstanding! Her years of experience combined with her skillful ability to learn our business needs resulted in extremely valuable developmental content for our sales organization. Our sales team gave her rave reviews and continues to utilize the content she presented at our National Sales Meeting!"
Lewis Grounds
Director of Customer Development, Tempur-Pedic North America

Who We Are

Jill Mason-Miller

jill mason-miller

Jill, President and founder of Invision Strategies, has been making sales, service and leadership happen for over a decade for a variety of progressive, high growth businesses. Jill established Invision Strategies in 1999, and over a decade later, the organization continues to be a progressive and dynamic presence in the marketplace. Invision Strategies' clients have spanned the spectrum from Fortune 1000 companies to small businesses. Jill's experience is derived directly from the arenas of sales, customer service, marketing, leadership, technology, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, and distribution. Through focused application of hard won expertise in sales strategies, leadership, team management and sales, and marketing systems, Jill has established a track record of increasing sales, developing best of the best employees, improving an organization's client centric culture, retaining existing business, implementing business development processes, and establishing market presence for her clients.

Jill demonstrated this knack for growing revenues while leading the sales and service channels for Harris InfoSource, a national information and technology business. Prior to working for Harris, Jill headed a company wide sales and leadership development department for Capitol American (Conseco), a top health insurance business. Jill also helped to triple the sales in an 11 state territory and managed a $600 million portfolio of Fortune 500 accounts for a nationwide financial institution.

To expedite sales, Jill offers specialized expertise in the sales process, training, coaching, mentoring and leadership. Jill has worked with many companies to define, develop and implement a unified sales process, market touch plan, sales management structure, onboarding for new hires, sales and service training process, business development plan, territory alignment, and coaching and leadership training for top executives.

Holly Brenton

holly brenton

"I feel my greatest asset as a designer is the ability to adapt to my clients, whether the project is directed toward consumer or business to business, corporate or on the fun side; my design reflects the client, from font selection to color choice. Each project, big or small, is given the utmost attention. Bottom line? I love what I do. I love design."

Holly has had the privilege to work with many great companies such as Geauga Lake, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, Cleveland Ballet, Playhouse Square, The Cleveland Cavaliers, Swagelok Corporation, Smithers Oasis, The Hospice of the Western Reserve, Simmons, Sawmill Creek Resort, Kichler, to name a few. She has experience designing music CDs, corporate anniversary books, package design, logos, invitations, brochures, billboards, direct mail, newsletters and sales materials and is well-versed in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse and Dreamweaver in Macintosh platform.

Kim Gottfried

kim gottfried

I have always viewed the sales process as challenging and fun… almost like playing a game… It has the ups and downs of Chutes and Ladders, the financial intrigue and negotiation of Monopoly and the discovery process of Clue. The sales process involves implementing a strategy that is unique to each organization but has many common elements within it. I enjoy being able to apply my 25 years of consumer and business sales leadership experience to match these sales elements to each client’s individual sales needs to maximize their results. I also like to coach teams into recognizing that a key difference in the Sales Process Game as opposed to a conventional game is the importance of viewing the prospect as a partner instead of an opponent. Learn what they need most, proactively provide it and in the end we all win.

Bradley Copley

bradley copley

I am a driver. I enjoy driving growth in organizations by combining the energy and customer focus of a start-up with the market development discipline of a Fortune 500 Company. One of the most difficult tasks of businesses today is to translate idea to execution on innovative initiatives or directives for growth. I enjoy applying my 25 years of consumer products experience to assist companies through this daunting task by aligning talented marketing, sales and service teams around the customer’s journey to fulfillment and testing organizational abilities to deliver at each step along the way. My contagious enthusiasm and positive outlook compel me to build lasting relationships with customers, shareholders, and team members. I invest time in developing a broad perspective of the market, competitive and environmental landscape, and the motivations driving customers. My customers appreciate my practical approach, consistent service, expert advice, as well as the unique perspectives I bring them of the market and their business.

Julie Grippo Schuler

julie grippo schuler

Julie has a knack for making the complex simple and taking a big idea and executing the message seamlessly across all media. She has almost 20 years of copywriting, creative direction and marketing experience, including 15 years in an advertising agency environment. She's worked with clients as varied as PNC Bank, Disney and The Cleveland Clinic, and has extensive experience with major home and hardware brands such as Moen Faucets, Sherwin-Williams, Kichler Lighting and Simmons mattresses. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Michael Smilonich

michael smilonich

While Michael has an unparalleled love for software and technology, he claims he still doesn't quite qualify as a nerd, although he admits he may be the only one with that view.

His passion for all things technical is obvious when presented with a company's goal or product challenge as he voraciously works at understanding that company's perspective to make sure the end product accurately reflects and enhances the company's vision.

He's a creator of solutions and can build ways to incorporate multiple platforms in order to get the company's message out most effectively.

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